ABOUT | Take Care of You First

An Endless Haze of Tranquility.

Everyday life can be quite chaotic.

Between the extensive to-do list, and the search for productivity, we’re always looking for ways to give our best to everything, but we forget to give the same energy to someone who needs our care, too: Ourselves. Success is normally portrayed as overworking and burning the midnight oil. But this can likely lead to burnout if we don’t slow down. 

Self-care and self-love are laced together, because one leads the way to the other. Self-care goes beyond face masks and Netflix: It means to reconnect with our own essence, feel the very present moment we’re living in, find true calm and joy in ourselves, and simply appreciate the little parts that make us who we are.

Hazy Bunny was created to help you on your journey to self-care.

So, what’s the story of this Bunny?

Hazy Bunny came as the relief to a stressful stage I was feeling. In the endless juggle between life, work and a hobby which wasn’t fulfilling anymore, I reminded myself that “me time” isn’t a luxury or a privilege only the lucky ones have, it’s a need for our physical and mental health.

As a woman of color who works in healthcare, I felt within me the pressure to prove I was capable, and felt the ever-present responsibility to take care of everyone… But I was leaving myself behind. With Hazy Bunny, I discovered the importance of having a space to just pause and do something for myself, while also rediscovering my love for handmade skincare, body care & bath products. 

The result is a pop of self-care into our daily lives.

And it’s one that’s never made by coincidence: All of our products are consciously crafted. Everything is tested by myself and a team, and we perfect it until it’s ready to pass it onto your hands, because the best things are made with heartfelt love and attention to detail.

Taking pride to be a WOC-owned, self-care boutique, Hazy Bunny places people first. We take responsibility for everything we do as we strive to create products that nourish the mind, body and soul. So whether you’re lathering yourself with a nourishing soap bar or a moisturizing with our decadent body frosting, just know we want you to remember to take care of you first.